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Hey there! My name is Lauren C Taylor, but my friends and family call me Lolo. I grew up in a big family as one of six kids in Las Vegas (no I don't gamble and no I'm not a showgirl... yet).  In 2020, I threw caution and the coronavirus to the wind when I moved to the East Coast to pursue a BFA in musical theatre at Montclair State University.

My side passions include writing and producing my own music, making bad crochet projects, baking bread, doing handstands and cartwheels, and drinking frozen Cokes from McDonald's.  I'm also a devoted Potterhead. 

When the weather's nice I'm rarely indoors. I can be found in my hammock or on one of my picnic blankets eating berries and chips or curling up to a good book. I love going on unexpected adventures and trying things that scare me.  #YOLO

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